Award-winning campaigner on FGM and gender rights


One to one counselling. Community facilitator on the Dahlia Project


Supporting FGM survivors at the Girl's Summit 2014

Power of Sisterhood


Maya Centre

If you have undergone FGM and might like to join a future support group or you are a referral organisations that would like to find out more about referring a woman, please contact the Maya Centre referral line on 0207 272 0995 or on admin@​mayacentre.​org.​uk . More information about the Maya Centre can be found here www​.mayacentre​.org​.uk


Organisations Leyla's involved with

Daughters of Eve, End FGM European Campaign & Hawa's Haven

Leyla is named a fellow of the RSA

Leyla listed in Debrett's 500 list

"the Debrett’s 500 list is limited to a select number of individuals, amongst so many, whose influence continues to shape philanthropy in the UK. The 2015 Debrett’s 500 has expanded upon last year’s Charity sector to include those influential in activism: a vital and occasionally neglected sector. Our activists have helped to draw attention to issues across a range of sectors, pushing them on to the agenda and helping to promote and protect matters of national and international interest."


Leyla speaks at World Woman, Norway

WORLD WOMAN is an intimate global gathering of solidarity in Oslo — a convening of courageous and creative women. They are defenders of freedom of expression, campaigners for gender equality, peace, justice and human rights; they are known and unknown activists, artists, journalists, leaders, policymakers, scholars, and changemakers.


Leyla joins the board of directors of Safe Hands For Girls

Safe Hands For Girls is a non-profit organisation focused on protecting girls and women from the practice of FGM and offering services for victims.

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Leyla Hussein & Nimco Ali

Red Women of the Year 2014 Winners Community/Charity

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Red Women of the Year 2014 Leyla Hussien, Nimco Ali

Leyla talks about Daughters of Eve.


Equals? Leyla & Emma talk about FGM