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Leyla Hussein starts new role as Dahlia’s Project Coordinator

London, 14 August 2014- Leyla Hussein, Psychotherapist and anti-FGM campaigner would like to announce that she has started a new role as Dahlia’s Project Coordinator at the Health Advocacy project, in partnership with the Maya center. She will be overseeing how the growing counselling service for FGM survivors is shaped, and will be delivering integral Training sessions for other relevant mental and emotional health services. In addition to this she will be providing support to relevant organisations to enable good practice in service provision for women who have undergone FGM and establish similar services.

She will only be working at the Dahlia centre for 2 ½ days every week.

If you would like to refer women to take advantage of these counselling services please fill this referral form: Maya Centre Tel: 020 7272 0995.

We look forward to working with you.

Leyla Hussein, Psychotherapist, BA/MSc


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